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I see a problem

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30/04/2018 18:19
I was looking at the statistics, and if all of them are correct, there is a very big problem that should be addressed. 34 thousand and change users started this month, a minimum of 500 signed up every day, upwards to the most of 799, over 30 days i'll give it a small round down number of 17000. At the end of the month there was only 31 thousand and change users.

The problem I see is, although mtv, signed on 50% of the people using the program over the last month, they still lost 10% of users overall.

So how about some focus goes into holding on to new "customers" rather then just getting them to sign up. Losing 3000 customers looks terrible when your numbers started at 34000 and you signed up 17000 in 30 days.

I'm hoping for a discussion that evolves to a good answer to this.
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30/04/2018 18:42
This has been going on for years.

We recently introduced new member ads. AKA you get ads from advertisers who want to give to those "17,000"...well those who are active and have BAP.

We introduced the APS system so everyone has a chance at extra 5 day a week ad besides Group Ads,

The way we view ads is going to change at sometime.

I think there is more suggestions that are going to be implemented or modified and implemented as well.

Marc has hinted that they are working on more PV, as that is one of the focuses right now...he gave a PV worker 2x the hours go ahead for instance.

The main thing is we need money to pay for programming time and then programming takes time. Also, the success rate of what hits (for any company) is often out of our control. Hopellythe products that haven't grown to expecetations can still grow, when it all clicks in place. AKA we will already have Targeted Ads for instance, it's a very good product, just the rest of PV needs to grow to attract the advertisers with the budgets.
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30/04/2018 20:16
It is common for many PTCs to cycle through members. Many don't do anything and many quit. They either don't want to spend money to make money or they don't want to put in the time to click. Then we have the westerners who don't want to 'work for pennies'. These all contribute to the low activity/high dropout rates

We may also have a special problem. Many probably sign up to get the new member bonus BAPs so they can gamble them away. I'm sure Marc can correct me if I'm wrong about that
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01/05/2018 01:32
As much of what both of you say is valid.

Point 1.   57.142857% of the total number of users 30 days ago signed up over the last 30 days.
Point 2.   That number is now 64.5% of active users.
Point 3.    30 days ago there were 348xx active users, today there was 312xx, meaning although 17 to 20,000 new people signed on to participate over the last month, we are still short, 3500 users.

Argue all you want for the potential of mtv, pv, but what the numbers say is in 10 months, this is done.  I'm sort of a fan of this site, but this is true numbers, i understand there may be 2000 people who ride it through, but if signing up 20000 to lose 3500 is a good business model, i just want my money back.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/05/2018 01:56
Actually, while it may not seem like it, look back in my thread for Active Users, we won't be done in 10months, that's SSS (Small Sample Size)...I now you think 1 month is a lot, but it isn't.

Also, really 34.8? REALLY?

I would have posted updates if it moved 500, much less 3.5K....and yes I did post updates of that number until it "came back down to earth", just forgot how high it had gotten.

It's been close to 32K for a long time now, sometime it goes a bit higher sometimes a bit lower, but it's been about there for a few months, I'm quite sure.

OK, just like I thought...near the end of March we climbed to the high and near the beg of April we dropped right back down.

So, yes, you saw 34.8, but weren't seeing the bigger picture.

That is not to say we shouldn't work harder, b/c we had 38K in DEC, we did have 31.X for a bit as well. ..yes currently as well. However, where was this thread when we went from 38 to 32?

Here's Jan 3rd post:
Active Accounts: 32626
Unique Users Clicking: 16754
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