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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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06/11/2018 18:13
After bozof , who sold all his RPS at $ 0.0008, it's time for Pone to sell all his RPS at 0.0008.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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06/11/2018 19:57
Cool. Why the live commentary?
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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07/11/2018 03:31
So he buy cheaper devil
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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07/11/2018 10:01
All that posts on others selling just to shorten the time of waiting for buying 400k RP's at 0.0006.LOL
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/11/2018 10:33
Exactly, the only reason he posts it is to hopefully shake people loose into his bids.
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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07/11/2018 10:49
MarcdeKoning Not at all because Because if I had such a tent, I would sell a few million RPS for the day of 0.0008 or 0.0007 to reach the price of 0.0006....the market is so disappointing and falling, and there is nothing interesting in it. The only thing that can be said of the market is that these great sales are priced at a low price. On the contrary, you never agreed to drop the price. I got 400k I set the price at 0.0006. Maybe I would keep it from lowering. I have about 6 million RPS. Converting my BAPS should be in line with the price increase.
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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07/11/2018 12:58
Im not concerned at all, all this big will come back eventually, bigger wink
Traffic Value: $20,222.57819 Viet Nam
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11/11/2018 11:03
How are you doing? 

Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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11/11/2018 11:44
Me?Still breathing,learning new stuff every dayangel
Traffic Value: $294.25745 Portugal
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11/11/2018 13:19
looks like the only way is down...big surprise
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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22/11/2018 03:05
Hmm it's pretty slow the market this days, i can come here overnight buy 1 milion RP and fill it at 4 BAP xD

Wild west on MTV, let's play it grin
Traffic Value: $58.84543 South Africa
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26/11/2018 15:55
Since I cannot create a new topic I'll just comment on an old one.

MTV is in breach of their terms:

  • Each royalty position receives a cash dividend, paid one time each week, equal to $0.000000005 per $1 of new investment into the main "Traffic Value Investment". 'New Investment' being defined as 'traffic value investment' deposits since the announcement of the previous dividend.

  • In the event that a weekly dividend totals less than $0.000001 per RP. It shall not be announced. And instead rolled over until the following week, or until such time that a dividend payment of at least $0.00001 per RP is possible.

  • As stated in the terms each holder of a share is supposed to receive $0.000000005 for each 1$ profit the system makes. This has not happened for the last 3 years.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/11/2018 18:25
No profit, no breach of terms.

*Profit after ALL expenses.
Traffic Value: $191.45552 Poland
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26/11/2018 19:07
Look, i was here since Jo, i was observing MTV all the time and i finally decided to join with a small amount because things started looking good.

Here is what i think

1. Marc, i know you've been through hard times, you surely want good for MTV, but shouldnt you listen to people more? After watching MTV for 3 years i have feeling that you might missed many occasions, cause 1. you didnt read them 2. you thought you know better (no offense). You sound like a red pill type of person and while you probably achieved more in terms of money than i did, i think you should listen to people. Why, for example you don't want to listen to MisterDD? Had you actually told him why not? Even when he might be wrong, you could think of something better and based on his proposition lift mtv from 0.001 and give him his %

2. Why all profit here is from others loss? Isn't it bad that we want to screw people in casinos (we have responsible gaming option and that is big plus, but people here generally are happy when someone loses). Or from pointless buys in war clicks. When Jo was here there were rumors about more real investments. Why can't we buy hospital or hotel?

3. Is it really that hard to collect money to boost MTV? During ICO season in 2017-18 most "start ups" there were projects at worse stage with worse popularity than MTV is now, many of them do not exist now or scammed. It wasn't that hard to collect 10 000 000$, which would boost rp price to 0.02. Why cant you get funding from some VC or through an IPO?

I think it is bad when we accept being constantly on minus. I mean, even when company has low profits it can be called "unprofitable" and liquidated. Generally when people shill things even when there is 0 profit (look eth now) it doesnt help :/ For example, again no offence, druth, you were pretty much loyal to MTV all the time. And what changed since then? In terms of royalty positions price? We need to act, not just shill, attracting new investors isn't hard.

I want good for MTV, but we can't downvote everyone who says bitter truth

Like for example when price was higher, if someone back then said it would fall (it did) he would probably been downvoted.

We should focus on making MTV great, not at expense of others smile
Traffic Value: $189.15811 Saudi Arabia
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26/11/2018 19:42
Why do not I want to give my PIN number?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/11/2018 19:47
No offense taken.

I downvoted the false statement of breach of terms not the fact that we haven't had the ability to send out dividends.

I have no idea why we can't get funding except due to our past.

As far as pointless money from WarClicks not at all. Games of all stripes exist and they often have in game money that you want enough to spend real life money on, esp if it's free to join and play otherwise.

As far as Casino's, well virtually everyone knows going in that the House has the edge. They just hope that they can strike it rich/get on a good roll for multiple medium wins. The money they spend is rather than spending it on/in addition to going to the Movies or on the next PS4/XBOX Game. It's just part of the "fun" expenses.

As far as PV, clicking pennies to earn money is/was a big part of the online earning community, and at that a more realistic actual income than ponzi/hyip/mlm. No need to "poo-poo" that.

As far as investing in Hotels/Hospitals, would be nice, we probably need to pay off the FTQ first so we can become more legal. And, on the FTQ front, that's where some profit has been going as well as the allowance now to turn that into advertising dollars, even when we have discounts going on in PV.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/11/2018 23:50
Sonny, you have valid points.

I have already said it a few times, but there are certain things that I can´t talk about that have kept us from taking certain steps in the past.
My article about depression, since you seem to have read it, has 1 line in it which exposes a big part of that reason.
And that´s really as far as a stretch as I can make as of now.

The current state of the company is not my vision, not what I wanted, not what I dreamed of. But we are picking up pace again and we´re basically looking for solutions to get a constant flow of money ongoing to start on other projects.

We DO have a longterm (contingency) plan, which we are working on as of now.
But in order for it to have any potential, we need to make sure the current products produce the results we need.

Yes, it has been hard.
I also have been dealing with a lot of questions regarding the often unprofitable state of the business, as we DID listen to a lot of the user´s suggestions (Basically all of them except for MisterDD who sent me a document with I believe 80 pages, which simply didn´t spark my excitement after having read 2-3 pages)

Mainly the question "How come we keep having declining results AFTER we sort out the issues at hand?"
We improved so many things that people struggled with, to often see a decline in results right after.
This is why we find it hard to spend money on development of smaller issues nowadays.

The ICO scene has been booming indeed.
But like you said: 99% of them were scams.
So is this a really good method to raise capital? Yes.
But is it also a method to ruin your reputation? Yes.
I´ll explain.

The best suggestions of the crowd have been to turn RP´s into ICO tokens.
But how would that make any sense?
They´ve been on the market for years so it wouldn´t be an ICO, the platform or RP´s don´t need blockchain.. It would be one of those scams you mentioned!
Sure it has been tempting and I know I could have pulled it off easily with my network, but my reputation would be ruined for money.
I would need an actual reason/product for an ICO.
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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26/11/2018 23:58
Thank god you didn't listened to me about that ICO thing grin i was so wrong back there, jesus...
Traffic Value: $1,703.75821 India
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27/11/2018 05:24
during jo era rp were high because he created HYPE ENVIROMENT,so everyone thought that MTV will make millions, which dint happen so rp crashed

give another year or 2 to new ceo, let RP WILL GROW without any hype

i invest here as retirement plan,
@sony    MTV is not uinvest to buy hotel or hospital
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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27/11/2018 18:59
We will still need to reduce the number of RPs. The cost to lift the shares will get harder as the price rises
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