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Help us with some votes for War Clicks!

PTCshare is live!

PtcShare has launched and here's why you should be excited!

PtcShare is the brand new project of our system.

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The first ad issue will be on monday, the 17th of June.


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slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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17/05/2019 12:51
Hey all!

We've recently started to promote warclicks on more long-term sources, and we could use your help on them, to expose them better - i.e. on voting/top sites.

If you could go over as many of these as you can that would be extremely helpful to help set up some additional long term traffic sources for the game. They're not much by themselves, but with a ton of them they add up over time smile

Thanks in advance to everyone!

1.Vote for War Clicks here (votes from different browsers accepted!; you can vote daily):

2. (requires 2-minutes of your time; please VOTE for non-competitive games first, programs or anything else you love, and only after you do this you Vote for War Clicks; on-time vote)
Create an account on :

Open-up links and vote for War Clicks:

3. Create an account on :
..and vote/like War Clicks (one-time only) just below the game icon (optionally – you can use the Good alternative function -> Good alternative option pops up when you drag the mouse through the game description)

4. Open the link and leave your rating for War Clicks (Stars on the top right side, do it on-time only) :

5. Rate the game (click on Stars to Vote, one-time only)
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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17/05/2019 13:12
Forum - Misc - Help us with some votes for War Clicks!
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