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Avoiding fees on BAP market

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Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/07/2018 09:50
Since I can't reply anymore to the News topic, I'll write it here.
User bimgbacha filled (at least) 7 pages of selling bids, each bid is for only 1 RP at 5 BAP. Since it's clearly written that this is not allowed, this user deserves a fine.
Traffic Value: $6,650.95153 Finland
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02/07/2018 10:01
U know.. the programmers could handle that completely by setting small calculation on submit to see whether fee will turn into 0 or not. if it does it will not post the bid at all. warning user at the same time that it is not allowed due to no fee being taken. time to implement 5 - 10 mins. 

Alternatively implement minimum fee to be taken unless larger fee is taken. 1 BAP for example. this way they would take a loss if they try to gain the system. could even give a warning with confirmation "Is this really what you want to do?"
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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02/07/2018 23:00
Solid suggestion!
Paul will look into it tomorrow.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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03/07/2018 10:05
Today or tomorrow at latest, Paul will set the minimum trading fee at 1 bap.
That way, no one can get past the fee anymore.
Traffic Value: $8,320.7991 Saudi Arabia
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03/07/2018 13:45
I hope this will be implemented in such a way that the seller will not suffer if someone decides to buy one rp each.
Traffic Value: $182.78047 Poland
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03/07/2018 18:21
I would just round it up.
1RP for 5 BAPS = 0.25 -> 1 BAP fee
2RP for 5 BAPS = 0.5 -> 1 BAP fee
3RP for 5 BAPS = 0.75 -> 1 BAP fee
4RP for 5 BAPS = 1 -> 1 BAP fee
5RP for 5 BAPS = 1.25 -> 2 BAP fee
Forum - Misc - Avoiding fees on BAP market
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