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Ad ideas

PTCshare is live!

PtcShare has launched and here's why you should be excited!

PtcShare is the brand new project of our system.

It's a simplified AND improved version of Paidverts, with a lot of brand new additions.

Because you're familiar with the Paidverts system, you'll have a huge advantage.

Sign up, get ready and grab those earnings.
The first ad issue will be on monday, the 17th of June.


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29/05/2019 19:14

You were thinking and talking about places to advertise. Have you thought about Swagbucks? The reason I bring it up is that it is non-traditional for PTC advertising, so you might not have considered it. You may need to offer different incentives since that is how the site works but I think it has a pretty large member base and might be worth a try if they are interested
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