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Ad campaign # BA-6432995

25% extra BAP on PV bulk ad purchases, a total no-brainer

Buying bulk ads before the 15th of October is extra rewarding!

No matter which payment method you use, you get 25% more Bonus Ad Points on your bulk ad purchases.

These Bonus Ad Points you can use to play games, buy royalty positions of, buy advertising with or to get a bigger % of the "ad issues" which occur from Monday to Friday.

An amazing time-limited deal for everyone!

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Traffic Value: $1,016.72433 Barbados
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15/03/2019 10:43
The ad campaign(BA-6432995) seems to be a dangerous ad. do anyone notice this ad website probably may be some virus or malware.I hope admin puts back the feature that allows someone to replace an ad that you do not like.
Traffic Value: $1,016.72433 Barbados
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15/03/2019 11:07
Somehow i manage to get through it.
Traffic Value: $9,470.42079 Spain
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15/03/2019 11:18
i voted for it in the shareholders panel so maybe that is the reason xD
Forum - Misc - Ad campaign # BA-6432995
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