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Language specific topics

HUGE bonuses and rewards during 17th-23rd August!

Starting 17th August 00:00 UTC (server time) and ending on 23rd August 23:59 UTC we are holding some MASSIVE promotions!

20% Extra BAP on all direct Bulk Ad purchases via Bitcoin and Litecoin (only direct purchases - balances do NOT apply here!) - buy BA here

We will also be running our very first PaidVerts wagering competition, which will be massive! 3 million BAP will be distributed to top 100 wagerers (total sum of bets made on qualifying games), with the first place granting you a huge 1 million BAP reward!

Remember that this is on top of any BAP you might win during the competition playing the games as well! Play our games here

Enjoy the bonuses and best of luck!

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