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Texas Hold'em bug and issues report

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Traffic Value: $563.95157 United States
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08/06/2016 18:35
probably doing maintenance on it along with the other PV issues going on... I wouldn't worry about it too much though, all we can do is be patient and wait
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/06/2016 06:02
It's back smile
Traffic Value: $73.39161 Argentina
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09/06/2016 16:01
Where is?
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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Traffic Value: $11.11443 Brazil
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29/06/2016 13:21
Why dont works ??  cwy
Traffic Value: $632.82371 Latvia
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29/06/2016 13:26
Servers busy for couple days now...
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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29/06/2016 23:46
The limits of the casino I work for are: 
-The minimum entry x50 BB
-Re entry x25 BB
-Maximum entry x200  BB or unlimited, depending the value of the blinds.

It could also be a tournement, and the winner could have something in its user (plus the money) like a small icon in the forum or something. I would play this kind of tournaments.

Always up to help you^^
Traffic Value: $46.06379 Finland
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07/08/2016 08:34
Is there coming version of the REAL MONEY?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/08/2016 11:43
After spending all that time to build it, it's not even being used on paidverts, where there are way more people playing the games..
I don't see a reason to prioritize a cash version over other projects as of now.
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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07/08/2016 20:42
I would say that poker is underrated badly in PV. People do love to play poker but what i think happens here is it is hidden way too deep.
Think of it that way. I am new to PV. I am exploring it. What do i do first? Probably explore the navigation and go through the menus. What happens if i click on games? I see a few casino type games and if i do not inspect carefully there is a very little chance that i will see the texas holdem poker which is wayyy at the bottom. If i decide to play games i will probably first try the ones on the top. However most people do not come here for games so they will just decide games are not for me and leave it at that. How will they find poker later on? Maybe spot it on the forum maybe someone will mention it, but the chances are very low.
My suggestion is bring it up to the navigation bar. Make it Games and a tab after that Poker. This should really spike the poker up, by making it a lot easier to find and a lot more visible. If it catches fire people could be coming to PV for poker and for poker only and this would be a great boost for PV. Many poker players understand that PV would be a complete fish market (poker term) and many would play, but as it is now it is just too small, too few people play to make it worthy to look at
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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07/08/2016 23:02
@Marc, you are terrible mistaken, trust me!

I was so highly expecting the cash version of the Texas Hold Em poker, 'to show of my poker skills' and earn some tiny dollars from it (I bet there are THOUSANDS of other users thinking the same)... but you guys decided to not make a $$ version of it... so I just gave up...

As the user before me mentioned, you've put it in the sole bottom of the page, and you never even tried marketing it if a recall (i.e. putting single banner on your side, not external advertising...) !

And from programming experience, making a $$ version of a ready BAP version - won't require a single day more from the programmer/s who build the game from scratch, it's just changing few variables with the cash in/out and connecting it to the payment processors.
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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29/08/2016 16:55
When creating a room the max blinds you can choose is 500/500. Which is actually really small for a good poker player (not someone who come to pv to earn 1$ per month). Also in my opinion equal big and small blinds is nonsence, so if we neglect this level the max is 125/250 which is even smaller.
Neglecting the cash version is also a big mistake in my opinion. Poker has the potential to be promoted ignoring PV and MTV. It could be promoted to poker players as a new poker platform. However since there is only a BAP version now, what should i say to poker players to come play here? Hey come on join PV to play poker with me. Oh BTV there is a tax that you will have to pay every day, but you can neglect it by clicking ads. Oh and you will have to click ads from time to time not to loose your money. If you do not play for a period of time (2 days even) you will loose money.
I do not imagine any smart poker player coming here with such conditions. Most of them choose poker platforms very carefully and such conditions would be a sure NONO for them.
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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29/08/2016 17:38

 FAMOUS Texas Hold'em poker!!
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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04/09/2016 20:17
When sitting in on a table you should post big blind whichever place you enter. As it is now you can avoid blinds by sitting out when they come to you and sitting back in when they are past you. That should not be allowed.
I have also spotted a few bugs. Sometimes a player gets a move when betting round should be already over (not sure when exactly this occurs but looks like a complete bug). Its something like i call the bet, noone raises and i still get to raise. This does not happen every time.
Also "add chips" button would be a nice addition, because to add chips back up to max stack now you need to leave the table and come back again.
Another good function all poker platforms have is viewing your folded cards. You just scroll on your name and the cards that you have folded will show up.
Also i would suggest slowing down the showdown when everyone goes allin. Now it is instant. It creates very little pressure this way and is sometimes hard to realise what happened before another hand starts.
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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06/09/2016 18:03
The extra move that i have mentioned in the post before happens when the small blind folds and the big blind checks, but the players who have called the blinds get a move again even though they have not been raised
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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11/09/2016 19:19
Got it again and with a proof this time.
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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11/09/2016 19:26
How about making poker tournaments a reality.
Why do i think this would work?
1. Tournament poker is a lot more popular than regular poker.
2. Everyone knows when the tournament starts and when they need to be online to find other players.
3. Even small guaranteed prize pools could guarantee daily players.
4. Freeroll tournaments could be a big promoter for both poker and PV and the prizes dont even have to be big. One daily 4000 BAP prizepool tournament could lure hundreds of players and introduce them to poker. Why? Because for them its free to try.
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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12/09/2016 17:14
i guess no one is giving a s*it anymore about the bugs on the game.. or promoting it all..
it's a dead end, and we've spent so much time and money for it...
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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12/10/2016 11:20
Would just like to verify something with more regular poker players here, concerning sitting in a table:

1.) DraKill suggested when a player sits in they should always pay the big blind. But that doesn't seem to cover all the cases.

After checking some more in detail, I believe this is the most complete solution to the sitting in issue:

A new player entering has the following options:

a) Wait for the big blind to come your way when you will start your first hand.

b) Post the big blind to be dealt a hand next hand immediately.

b2) if the joining seat is in between small blind and big blind, and you want to play immediately next hand, you can post the big blind AND the small blind, which gets added to the pot.

Would be great to get some confirmation from regular poker players here that this indeed is the best solution.

2.) Higher blind limits will be added. Indeed, 500/500 SB/BB is a bug, will be fixed.

3.) Regarding the move bug, without knowing exactly how it happened it's hard to fix. Please keep an eye and if you find the issue again knowing exact steps of replicating it would be great.
* I see you provided the details already, we will check we can replicate it that way and then fix it. Thanks.

4.) Add Chips function - This I suppose should be limited to adding a minimum of BB, and a maximum of your current (max_chip_stack - your_current_chips)

5.) Regarding the cash version as has been pointed out several times, a cash version for the time being will not be made as on MTV we simply don't have the player base/can't be promoted, PBG/PPMG have a too narrow player base/deposit options. And a complete cash poker-oriented subsidiary is a risky build without having the proper licenses sorted. Something that would be sorted on MMG.
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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12/10/2016 12:25
agree with suggestion..
if you join you have to pay BB asap in order to play immediately, or wait until its your turn to pay BB
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