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Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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29/03/2018 15:48
Since this idea started here before 2.5 years, was funded outside with users from MTV-PV platform, never implemented (tested alpha on virtual servers) but never released, it is time to officially introduce it here as serious project for MTV-PV crowd-fund. Let them or you decide. I dont need to say that noone of other people, except me has that project, since I created it, wrote it, and explained it, there is zero chance someone can create even 75 % of competitive site to this one.

Idea was to create SUSTAINABLE, NON GAMBLING, UNIQUE, USER FRIENDLY, COSTUMER FRIENDLY & GAMING platform that will reward, pay and protect both users and costumers.

Firstly it's advertising site, but it is NOT PTC, NOT MATRIX or any other thing you ever saw online, and has UNIQUE setup you could not imagine. Trust me, you would love it. I just want to know what officially MTV-PV thinks about that. And no, you dont need to think about anything, all is there, math, setup, all, written by me. I can make you sure, project can not loose results, and if such day happens (hardly possible) it will still run without problem with minimal cost of regular website online, and payments will be always covered, no matter of results. So good the math is. You can believe or not, but we can bet, and you would loose the bet, cause I guarantee for that math. Tell me other project that can do that?

Since I wrote bibles before 1 week (or less) I will try to make it short. I hate ponzy sites that take money out of people, and run away. This idea was designed to be perfect project for:

a) advertisers
b) users
c) marketers

In short you can be all of that, or only one, you would profit on every way.

Goal of this project was:

a) to be site with seriously low time to be active, but so addictive, and with so many material that will let you stay lot lot longer.

b) if you are not active, revenue can come to you without punishment in some area

c) users are not punished if they are not active as on other sites, but there is a catch, and no its not related to money loss. THAT was main goal, to make first user friendly site that will not punish users! That way users would come back sooner or later.

d) NO points that can create debt.

e) NO money value ads.

f) Totally self running platform with best posible roles to detect bots, protect against malware or shortened link sites (except support tickets, advertisements editing, user activity area). Period!

g) Make games on totally new way, non addictive, THAT WILL EVEN warn you when you play more than few times. NO against computer! I cant say more, but it is unique rewarding way that can be switched on 3 ways, for each game. That math goes for other areas on the site, and people would adore it. It would be low cost fun for users who just love gaming.

There is much more, payments are secured with main math created again by me, so there is no way that you will not be paid, or that system would stay without money. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE, because this is NOT PONZY system. I repeat that again.

Many people said WE HAVE IT, our math is secret. We have first sustainable advertising site online. But there is only few of them, with mostly just 3-rd party advertisements, nothing or almost nothing in the house. Well my dear friends, if you got it, why dont you sell it? Why you hide it? I am not scared of competition, I hardly think MTV-PV will be too if they launch this beast. Actually I think we can monetize those materials and sell it to other people as book.

Why I do it now?

a) all who think, you said all, now we can do it too, well you cant my friend. Behind the skin, this is so complicated and complex that you will fail on few areas. Only I know how this works, after all I spent 2 years of my life to create it, often over 12 hours daily.

b) Personal reason: Because I need 4-5 more years to prepare all for this project, both money + hire few people that I will need personaly to educate.

c) I do not want to sell that project idea for peanutswith all my idea, design, math, unique user interface + to give my support, just that some guy can modify this and put in some ponzy crap, or modify my math (I cant know that if I am not in). But even if someone wants it, then my idea + time would have cost, and under 5 figures I will not talk, since 8k was spent in anyway. And yes, I can meet and sign contract of trust (they dont need to pay if is not sustainable, but they also may not see it, and later use it). I want to protect myself legally too.

d) Since MTV/PV is one of first of its kind, has all infrastructure and knowledge, to make it happen, its best and more realistic to do it here.

About a & c I dont worry at all, because for A copy/paste try will not be even close to what I created (I say I, because whole concept and math was, is, and will be mine, I wrote it), while C is way too much for most of people, specially those honest ones. For B, I know, sadly....... But believe it or not, even I cant do it alone, and I have all...... Its just right now over my league, except if I receive support from EU funds (I dont joke). Option D is more realistic because as I said, MTV/PV has company, own products, staff, and besides I dont ask to be partner or admin, neither in ownership, I can be regular user who can receive only legally percentage from pure profit (PURE, that means after all costs and taxes, not fixed ammount, so can be any ammount) based on authors rights, and since I am not greedy person I am always ready to talk, I dont do it for the money at all so I dont ask big percentage. After all I could sell it as E-BOOK, but I didnt, so.... I could earn money that way + launch it anyway, but I didnt........ So that says all.

Even If that goes to crowd-fund I am totally in, but I have ONE demand, it can be upgreaded with great BUT ONLY sustainable ideas, if is that possible at all, I dont think it is because I think this is max of max. If you guys want ponzy features, or even modify this vision, then just refuse this idea, and dont even bother. I am all in if you create it as it is or improve it with best ideas, BUT ONLY on better. Normally even in crowd-fund I expect intelectual right.

SO MTV/PV, my last offer to you, world, and people. Now I drop the microphone, accept it or deny it, let it be what will be, but dont say I was not here. I did the hard job, you have only easy decision now, yes or no. I know its big step, I know its revolution, I know you risk, but I guarantee gamblers will stay gamblers and I doubt they will leave MTV because of no gambling site, so dont worry. Investors are investors, so I hardly believe they will leave PV either, why to leave PV, when you can have 2 great sites? Dont forget you can put it in crowdfunding anyway, so its not that you can loose much. My final offer, and last talk about that topic. Marc, Carlos? Slosumo? Thanks.

Traffic Value: $3,154.08454 Slovenia
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30/03/2018 10:24
I would like to know more about this. smile
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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30/03/2018 10:40
Sure Martin, no problem at all. You can contact me on FB, or ask here what you want to know. Any question is fine since I will have answer to every single question.

About what part exactly you need to read more? Any particular or? As I said project is so complex in layers + solutions + math that I literally had to write it down from head in WORD document, then to align pages, by order because its very hard to make proper order of math, functions and pages, since this project uses at least 3 different math algoritms that I wrote. One for marketing distribution, other for gaming, and one more for pools + one more that might not seem to be impportant, but it is, it is actually key of leveling of users since you dont have ponzy elements as baps. It was pain in the ass process since you must do it for the programmers, and they would be lost. Its hard for me to hit what you want to hear since whole material I made has 182 pages (included tos, faq, intro), and that is 2017 edition where I improved Idea, and added final content. I can not think how is possible to make it any better. Loaded with protections, fully user optimised. Takes care for customers. Honestly dont know what to say.

Oh and. If MTV/PV thinks this is sketch that I showed at the beggining of crowdfunding in 2015, then answer is no. My dear friends, this is final version, something totally different. Altrough I must say that project which saw Carlos could be very unique too. They saw project with rewarding level and marketplace for every single product, based on what investors in any product would earn dividends. Very cool right? So project that saw Carlos was vdery good one too. Still this is mother of all ideas I had. I think this one can connect them all.

But honestly I can add that feature to this project in just one hour from project 10 (called back then), write sustainable math for it + add some extra features. Honestly you know how big this project can be? More complex and bigger than facebook. Lets just say this project can be extended to incredible huge way of sustainable revenues. There is also area for NEW project developments.

Actually that advertising platform can be gigantic. Results would be epic, based on unique rewarding way that does not leach users but still offers 1 level affiliate.

It would be easier for me if you pick areas that are in your interest and I will say little more. Also have in mind that project Future is just simbolic name. Project as= Are we in or not, FUTURE = MTV+PV + lets write the future. So that people do not think that I want to pick names. Not like that at all lol.
Traffic Value: $782.96484 Peru
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30/03/2018 16:49
Great Marc. Since always the best investment is long term.
One question ... would the money invested in crypto trading fund 2 be paid in dollars or in BTC?
Because the deposit was in btc if I'm not wrong ...

best regards smile
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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30/03/2018 17:12
Well I am not Marc bro, I think your post ended for some reason in different topic?

Try to post that into correct post in order to receive answer, or write support message if urgent. I appologize if on some way I created mess with title name, was not my intention to confuse people.

This is just idea for next possible project for MTV/PV.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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31/03/2018 09:34

- forgot to say that HERE in this project/idea, ADMIN CAN NOT participate into purchases of ads, neither have revenue from those, or any other part, except from those products that have marketplace what is neutral trading. Why? Since admin+staff receive system payments anyway from pure profit of company, THERE IS NO reason to leach the system with money of other people. That would be just as ponzy as anything else. Admin can release system ads anyway from AP, so no reason to do it another way. No leaching please smile

- other important thing, admin + staff do receive money here from 2 ways, one is from marketplace if any since they have part of profit of system account on marketplace anyway (but you can split that money 1 time per a year based on law and register those revenues as dividend rewards of system, something like that, or return it to system profits partially, cashout or what you want), and other is from pure profit of company, BASED ON RESULTS.

So you see, Idea was so well explored and it is compatible with the laws of countries, for marketplace things + legal reports to country too. Basicly whole system is on autopilot, only advertisement aditing + support + banning system are needed tasks as on most marketing sites, but still lot less work than on any site you know because its made epicly in details.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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01/04/2018 11:16
I'm eager to know what slosumo and Marc think of this idea.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/04/2018 11:01

- Here daily results CAN NOT be negative. Since project would not have ponzy elements, daily results will be ALWAYS positive on the end of the day.

- Project releases daily rewards based on past results, few areas of the site would be just pure revenue makers, but most of them would contribute to daily results + would partially reward users.

- Activation of account is made on a totaly different way than ANY other site online, your times to make account active do not get shorter + you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night as on other projects to make account active for next day. Forget that. Way how is solved that is totally unique.

- Users are not punished if their accounts are not active, they do not loose daily results but are not rewarded either, there is little more to say about that, but its enough for now.

- User interface is so simple and easy to understand that you would not believe.

- If you need to go away, forget about INSANE vacation mode costs, in this project those would be humanly priced so that every person can afford them.

Comparation to real life project:

Real life company vs This Project

-In real life company you need to have product to make profit, here you OFFER product (advertising/marketing/gaming platform) based on which you reward users.

- In real life company (if CEO is honest) you receive salary from pure profit of the company, here you receive rewards from PURE profit of company too. Every area is created with math that covers sustainability + it is included into core math that already calculates pure profit.

- In real life people pay taxes, here taxation will be done after each month based on ammount of pure profit after salaries to staff + bills, what will remain is pure PROFIT on what goes tax (just on ammount from that month, not all on bank).

- In Croatia you can make bank account easy, for this project banks didnt do problems at all, EVEN in Croatia bank was opened easy. That is because project follows all regulations already in the project + does not has ponzy elements.

- In reality you can expand, here you have special area designed for new projects that can be added, including with AP functionality designed for that.

There is much more that can be explained and told, but for now, this is more than enough.
Traffic Value: $16,299.55436 Slovenia
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02/04/2018 17:14
"I'm eager to know what slosumo and Marc think of this idea".

I wonder why Marc or Slosumo are not responding?
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/04/2018 17:45
Who will know, maybe they are not interested or they do not trust me enough, hard to say. Anyway if any person has good reputation that would be me I guess. I never involved people in ponzy things, and I never told people to invest anywhere, or even to join through me. So do not know. Maybe people have own reasons.
I decided to do honest thing since all started here, and I never did that because of money or glory, I tried to change things on better.


a) Was tired of scams online

b) Had intention to build sustainable and honest system, FIRST without ponzy elements.

c) Had intention to make user friendly website that even kids can understand.

d) Had desire to make project that can work just as any company in reality.

I am happy with what I did, honestly did more than I ever dreamed. I prooved that is possible to create something like this. When I first started was not sure if is possible, with heavy work all went on right place. I came here because of honesty. But have in mind this is last post about this project here or anywhere else because I decided not to sell idea anyway long time ago.

If nothing happens here, then this project will see (I hope) daylight in 5 years latest when I will be able to fill all financial conditions, and when I prepare all, trust me, I will not hesitate to spend epic ammount of money because its not important how this project would see daylight. Sometimes you need to make your dreams come true, sometimes that is only what counts. With MTV/PV just as sidekick or regular user, or on my own, I dont care much, important is to show people that there is totally sustainable way and that internet marketing can be compared with real life companies.

I am not sad when people do not share my vision, that happens. But you know, it was right thing to do. After all, that is all what counts.
Traffic Value: $16,299.55436 Slovenia
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02/04/2018 20:20
MisterDD you have my vote. I wish that they will invite you (your project) to work with MTV/PV.
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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02/04/2018 20:43
@MisterDD I vote for him too cause I want his project to be acknowledge and checked by Marc and Slosumo
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/04/2018 20:53
Thanks guys, we will see what will happen.

As I said before, I dont need to brag that is my creation, dont need to be admin/sidekick, dont need to earn big ammount even as intelectual owner of idea, and still I would help with advice how to build this even after I present all materials even with symbolic role. I dont think there is better team than MTV-PV that can do it. 

I just want to see project built exactly as it is sketched, or even better, but only with sustainable ideas if they accept it. Honestly if they decide to do it from crowd-fund, and keep it as it is, you can bet I would put in there nice ammount, because I would love to be part of the history. I know people doubt this is something really special, but believe me. Even people who were in that idea have no clue how good this actually is. Only person who can see solutions on modern problems of websites, and who can see those 182 pages can understand this project as a whole about which I wrote here so much, and that whole would kick ass totally.

It would be hard to explain how happy and proud I would be. But lets be clear, without you people from MTV/PV, that would not happen maybe ever. Without Marc/Carllos + tolerant moderators topic would not stay 48 hours and people would not reach me, they were so tolerant they allowed me even to put e-mail in topic. So I appreciate what they did. I appreciate what MTV/PV people did. I appreciate what many other anthusiats did for me when they gave me tips what to avoid. I appreciate all help you guys did when you said to me, drop baps out, drop out investments, drop out multiplications, make user friendly interface, make user accounts protected etc etc.......... All those promises and wishes, and support made me go further, work harder and do math that will support that. Without you all this idea would never EVER look as it is now, since 2017, when I inserted last update & uprgreade of materials.

Only can say thank you all. All started here, even if it ends, its cool.
Traffic Value: $273.20687 Macedonia
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02/04/2018 22:57
my vote too
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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03/04/2018 18:41
@MisterDD,you know I think they don't care much about your project perhaps or maybe.

But why don't you go look for like site's that can fund you etc...about your idea?

Is there anywhere else you can look for help but of course without you selling it to them?
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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04/04/2018 11:30
Hello I appreciate honesty, I will try to explain why I decided this and where is difference in every step,

1. Only what I can do is to create it with my own team of trusted people but then we would put up all 3 projects, probably one after another, but for that I would need money, a lot of money, cca 10k for script minimum + 2 k for legal stuff. But those are conservative costs, and I am afraid that project could cost x2-3 since you must pay literally all. Maybe I can do it with EU funds, to start startup, and to get some money, but that is then legally complication. Besides you know how much Croatia did for my education online? Nothing, but they do take nice ammount of money earned online. So its not that I would like to involve country in that much or take some loan from them. God forbid..

a) Even when you solve money part there goes problem. You guys probably do not know how things go when you put project. If you hire custom codders WITH OWN SCRIPTS, then they will CLAIM product as THEIR, because it will have THEIR LICENCE, and AP is mostly hosted on THEIR PRIVATE SERVER. And trust me, you do not want that. Also with custom codders you risk a lot because you would be their inhouse competitor to their standard customization script. SINCE THIS is not similar to ANY SCRIPT ONLINE, they will have to do from scratch, and you risk that they will do faulthy job or delays. I would suggest to write contract, because other way you cant be sure that you will get quality product, specially not on time. Its sad, but sadly they will not risk other clients because of one huge project. If you create something special, they cant claim it, sure they can based on your work create something similar, but they DO NOT WANT! They will not risk that all marketers go to sustainable internet marketing, and that 100-ds of their clients loose affiliaters and results = they would loose big money for licences, maintenance etc etc for all those people. So you see big games are there when you talk about custom codders. They can be good guys, but all look on their interests.

b) If you hire tier one programmer, and he does it perfectly for you, then you are happy, trust is there, and you will arange maintenace of that guy probably right away. If he will have other projects you guys must make a deal with priority when needed around your project. BUT, what if after some time he decides not to be freelancer anymore, rather to go in Google? Or what ifcommunication goes to red zone, then basically you must search other programmer. Its less worse than first option with custom codders, but with custom codders you always know someone will take tasks, with one freelancer no matter how good he would be, you never know.

c) best would be to hire independent programming house that creates projects and websites to companies. But we talk here about 25k $ for sure minimum I am afraid. I heard some sales sites in croatia costed 1/5 million of dollars. Insane ammounts.

2. CROWD-FUND: I tried once with partners, majority were cool guys but 4 of them behaved under level of human being. Even after problematic guys were solved, and project was on 97 % done, then next guy did faulthy legal report to UK guvernment because he was to proud to listen me (because of Brexit you had time to report tax not to 6-th month, it was to 2-nd month)! He refused to listen, then he blamed others and said hes out. Why he was out? Because penalty for him would be 2500 $ or 2.5 k! Also I had to mention that I gave my idea, I had to work with programmers (not them), and still i worked on project more than they all combined together. As I said there was 6 seriously good people on which I am proud and happy to meet them. But few I would not want to see on the street, trust me, because of such people rest of 6 people lost 800 usd dollars each. So yes, I did all, project was ready, and then someone behaves like ass and ruins all.

I even setup project on the was that every co-owner has independent account and legal access and that revenues come to their account under complex role. I did seriously complex job, and all worked superb. When there was some problem I worked like horse to find solution, and trust me I always overcome every issue. And what I received after all? They lost 800 dollars each, I am sorry for those 6 good people who rest of people forced to close company, but I am also sorry for myself. Worked 1.5 years on project, neglected my internet earnings (including my team too), gave them idea for free (not to them, but I didnt charged my work with programmers FOR THEM), they didnt paid me anything, and in the end I was insulted by people who humiliated other co-owners and put down project anyway. Its sad. You know I am strickt boss, I repsect deadlines, I dont like lazzy or lame job and trust me those programmers saw how strickt I am. When that CEO saw I was right he told (his wife is ill) so he must go out, but his wife was not anymore ill when he after all was solved insulted rest of co-owners and me. What for a low person. 

So you see, thanks but no thanks. I just dont know to who I can trust. There would be a lot of work., but I would need again to spend cca 6-12 months of my life to work for other peope who can possible say, look I have problems in life, or I am dick, I want to go out. Its easy for them to say that, every change on papers costs 150 pounds if you replace person. And once you do that its public! People would wonder why people in company changed? Thats bad reputation, and honestly once I saw drawbacks of crowd-fund and after I realized that I cant fight the moonlight I decided not to repeat that mistake. Either with my own team or with team that can handle it. I would love to do crowd-fund again, not hard to collect money........... But would I pick right people? I was sure that I picked right, but 5 of them were calculant people. I will be polite and not name them. They know who they are. 

To rest 6 people I have huge respect and I can say to them, you were close, seriously close and to those 6 I am deeply proud.

That is why I reached MTV/PV:

a) they have trusted programmers already what reduces costs

b) they have OWN platform that can be converted to this project with tweak and some modifications, but it will reduce costs a lot + programming time

c) they would not have to worry about support because I will be here and in contact from first to last day, and explain to programmers/MTV/PV every tiny bit how what works and how should work.

d) Materials are done, even promo ones

Based on that its not hard to understand why I tried to reach MTV/PV it would be easy for them + easy for me + way less costs than usually would cost. I predict with MTV this job cant cost more than 20k.

Anyway I was here, that is only what counts.
Traffic Value: $16,299.55436 Slovenia
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04/04/2018 16:12
"@MisterDD,you know I think they don't care much about your project perhaps or maybe".

I think the same. Maybe they are too proud or they fear succes. They are too busy with denveloping boring warclick.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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04/04/2018 17:43
I must say that partially agree, but I do think that WarClicks is great work. Lets be honest, WarClicks is pure revenue maker and it should stay their flagship of core business. Ok probably does not have revenues as MTV or PV, but pure profit goes easily over those 2. Could be I am wrong. Anyway I do think WarClicks is very good project. Pure money maker systems that do not make you to gamble with that money, nor loose money are always good systems.

About me, well you guys must understand. Before 2.5 years, there were 2 roads. Marc was new, I had nothing personally against him. I was not happy what Jo did later, but was sure maybe is injustice done to him. Also you must know I was not happy because many people attacked on forum, and bullied others. This is again that old forum that we know from start. All wondered, why people trusted Jo.

Well first of all Joel was guy who paid every cashout fast, answered me personally every support ticket + returned money to my account when I lost it (did mistake). I had no reason to say bad thing about him. On other hand Slosumo was forced to remove me as moderator + I could not do it further either. Very soon I was so tired of scams online (from 10 new systems I tested, 5 went down in a month), and then story started. But many people told that I did that co crush MTV/PV or to make competition. That is pure lie, I can tell you that much because I remained in contacts with MTV/PV even after that. So people dont believe what you hear always. And sure Slosumo + Mark obviously were right, rest of us learned lesson about Joel. Its not that I am mad on him, actually I have not blinked. I lost money few times online, returned it so what, but you know maybe they just dont trust me anymore. 

Was I rood, honestly dont know, probably I was because I told that we should would vote CEO. Now I know we have no right to do so. Actually by the laws we dont have actual marketplace since this is not trading platform, and Carlos had full right (as owner) to replace Joel. Based on vision future, Marc offered probably more, and in long term he did obviously more. I know that now, before I didnt because noone of us actually understands how legal stuff behind project actually works. Could be they still feel offended, or maybe they are just not interested. Could go either way. I still do believe (and I do know) that I have not insulted anyone on private level, because I always respected MTV/PV, so I dont think this relation, me->MTV/pv was ever problem. I had problem with rood people on forum, that has nothing to do with mtv/pv.

Is short they have their reasons and I do respect that. BUT for me was important to go on best place, and to offer to them deal about job, which started here anyway. And I did that, and my conscience is now in peace because I was here, and I did my best to present idea. Maybe is not good enough for them, or interesting, or maybe they dont trust me, could be all.

Still will repeat probably 4-th time, i do like direction, MTV/PV got rid of some bad bad things, and looks more stable. Maybe I am wrong, but that is how I see it. Sorry for long post but people told many low and dirty lies about me in past and on some topics where I could not defend myself at all. First of all, I was nobody's blind follower, second I entered in banana ONLY because of crowd-fund. Who does not believe can ask other people. Dont think I did not offer MTV/PV same. I did, even back then. I just had desire to clear out that I have not followed any road, or path. I had my own road last 2.5 years and was focused totally only on that. Anyway thank you all for support and its nice to see again that old good crew, same as in old days.

Thanks legends, means a lot to me.
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