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noframe ads suggestion for ptcshare

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We sincerely apologize for any downtime and issues we are currently experiencing.
Fact of the matter is that we only have 1 person who can get us back online and he has been on the road without an option to help us out.
Our BAP sales will be extended by 2 days and any ad issues you might have missed will be refunded, with monday´s ad issue being twice the size as usual.

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Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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08/04/2019 21:37
It would be a good idea if ptcshare would offer to advertise no-frame advertisements.

The viewer clicks on the advertisement, a new tab opens with the advertisement. As long as this tab is opened, a counter counts down on the original tab until the timer runs out. Then the viewer can close the new tab.

This would solve not being able to advertise certain sites.

If your're curious how it works, check the site They have implemented it and it works great.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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22/04/2019 19:41
Just wondering, would it be a good idea to pay the referral earnings on ptcshare in BAP instead of directly in $$?
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28/04/2019 07:48
Hey Hoppa, could i contact you somehow by private message?
Forum - Brainstorm - noframe ads suggestion for ptcshare
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