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Keeping new Paidverts users active

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28/05/2018 04:10
I've been trying to think of a way to keep new users on Paidverts active, that is not at the expense of users that have already invested heavily into the system, and that also should not require a huge amount of programming time. Here's what I've come up with.

Currently on Coin Flip a correct guess will give you 197% of your bet. i.e. Bet 100 BAP win 197. What if that 197 was 196. Granted this is slightly (1%) less attractive to gamblers, but how significant could it be?

Let's take a look a 26th May results. On 26th May the total amount of gambled BAP on Coin Flip was:


Each BAP is worth 0.0005 so the total gambled was:


If that 1% went to the MTV rather than the gamblers it would be:

432,987 BAP or $216.49

Now...bear with me. My suggestion is that we have a daily lottery for whatever the 1% equals. A complete random draw of active users. Anyone could win regardless of when they joined.

The 'lottery' could even be conducted on an official MTV YouTube channel live (or recorded live) so we could all see the daily winner being drawn. Imagine the views (which would also generate an income via YouTube ad revenue).

It could be done 7 days a week, or even Mon-Fri, with the weekend 1% going to burn off the BAP debt (and ultimately meaning we all get higher value ads.

Yes, this would mean a slightly poorer Coin Flip for the gamblers, but just think of the user retention if you could possibly win >$200 every day at no cost just for keeping your account active!

The daily lottery prize would obviously vary a lot. Some days we have big gamblers on Coin Flip some days we don't, but think of the buzz it could create for Paidverts, and all of the promotional opportunities, all at no cost to the business.

Feel free to shoot the idea down, but please try to be constructive.

ps - What if the daily login ad was a 30 second embedded YouTube video of the days lottery!

Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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28/05/2018 04:14

If you wanted to reward the long-termers who are really backing this project, you could implement the same thing on Coin Flip on MTV, but instead of everyone getting an equal shot, you would get a 'lottery ticket' for every RP you own.

I'd be much more inclined to buy RPs if it gave me more chance in the daily lottery.  If MTV won (since it holds a lot of RPs and therefore have a greater chance) the money could be used to pay off the FTQ.
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28/05/2018 05:07
The gamblers are our cash cow. I don't think it is ethical to expect them to give more
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28/05/2018 05:40
I'm not shooting this one down, letting it percolate for awhile b/c it, or a variation, does indeed seem doable.

I am concerned with our gamblers, so I'd try and contact our biggest gamblers to get their take.

I also think that we could give those that actually played/contributed to the pot a bigger % of the "tickets". Include this idea in the pitch, you may lose 1% edge, but you could win all that 1% back and everyone elses due to you having more of a "weighted die". That's gambling fun as well.

Right now, Andraz has to manually do the gambling competition prizes (hence why it sometimes takes a couple days), so it would require programming time to do this ongoing, esp daily.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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28/05/2018 06:21
I'm certainly not one of the big gamblers, but I have bet about 4.5 million BAP on Coin Flip...and it wouldn't be an issue for me.  No issue with seeing the proper big gamblers getting more chance to win.  You could run it like the current wagering contest giving the top 10 'flippers' of the week 10x the chances of everyone else.

I don't care who's idea it is...I'm just thinking of the general health of MTV.  Paying $6K of the FTQ back last month was great.  I'm not sure how likely that sort of value each month is, but even if it could be guaranteed we're still looking at 37 months (more than 3 years) to get back to break even.  This being the case I think we need to start looking at what we can do and not what we can't.

The other thing worth considering is that our big BAP gamblers are often holding a lot of BAP.  Should they start seeing higher ad issues, I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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28/05/2018 07:14
It´s still the same gamblers, with the same amount of money between them.
It will simply decrease their play time/amount of plays.
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28/05/2018 09:47
Why not get 0,05% from Monday to Friday from all games and distribute as Ad's on weekends for the first 2 groups? It would be 0,25% (not much) per week
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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28/05/2018 10:19
And to qualify for this AD issue you need to click all your AD grids ads
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28/05/2018 12:45
The lottery thing with RP's is a great idea, the only thing is where to get that money from... It will indeed make people buy more RPs, and specially the big fishes have the money in RPs instead on just cash. For example there was a time I had 3000$ on my account and didn't want to buy RP's. if I did buy them, it would generate almost 100$ just in fees, so I think it's a very good idea, just have to think where to get the money from. Maybe doing it with BAPs instead of money? I don't watch any ad for 2 years now, but if I won a let's say, 400.000BAP prize, I would watch the ads (maybe not rebuy BAPs tho), but PV would gain a new active user. Maybe a part from the daily tax could go there? 

Also we could reward people who play games with loterry tickets, for every $ played, you get X shares. It would encourage people to buy more RPs, spend more money in games... At the cost of less BAP reduction, but at the same time, more retention and also more money spent in the site... Maybe it would even be a trade-off in money with the advantage of getting more users /more active users.

Also, instead of PV getting a 3% from the coinflip, it could be a 2.5% + 0.5% for the lottery, so gamblers keep earning the same, but generating more revenues to get the tickets? We should study that. 

Personally, I've been working for one year in a casino and people don't really care that much about the payout %, if they would really care, they would only play closed poker. Instead, they play roulette, Blackjack, open poker, baccarat... where the % of chances to win is way lower than 50%, and these are the games where are always full of people. Casinos lose money with closed poker, and not that much people play this, in comparison with the total gamble games like the ones stated (the only skilled game in a casino, hence where you can be a long therm winner is closed poker, like Texas or Omaha)

Very nice idea! Keep them coming grin
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/05/2018 14:22
We did make a lottery for the site though not with the same rules but it was not popular. We might be making assumptions on the popularity and we want to risk a successful product to do it
Traffic Value: $796.89401 Netherlands
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28/05/2018 18:01
1 thing i have been thinking of to help out newbies would be to introduce a BAP micro ptc section or manual surf program on paidverts. 
Advertisers can buy cheap exposures 

buy 500 exposures for 1000 BAP
clicker will get 1 BAP
250BAP will go toward bap reduction.
250 BAP will go towards BAP micro ads clicking contest.
Every week the top 20 get s stake of the pot

NO COPY/PASTE in this section

Not clicking those ads means that you dont lose baps like with cash ads so there is no pressure to do them and there is no limitation on how many ads you can click like on the click grid.
more activity on the website i guess is always good for alexa ranking.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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28/05/2018 20:37
Most important thing for MTV/Paidverts is to keep getting fresh money in.
One of the stable income-sources is the trading in RP. With that, there is no risk involved for MTV.

Why not go for a solution where you combine getting fresh money in, with trading?

Start with some well known trading pairs, peer-to-peer trading. People will have to deposit their crypto which they want to trade. That's money coming in to the site. Start with BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, whatever MTV is able to receive.

Once their are some offers/requests on the list, the trading will take off. Especially from ppl who deal with arbitrage trading.
MTV gets a small promillage from the trade, which can add up quickly, once it takes off.

There will be much more new money on the site. People who earn some with the trading may want to play some games to have fun.

When MTV starts a project to build this, I'll be the first to invest in it.
Traffic Value: $46.06379 Finland
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09/06/2018 06:05
We need advertisers. Problem is that people don't know how to advertise on Paidverts or on other PTC sites effectively. The only way to keep new users active is to help them to make a STEADY income. Gambling is not a solution for that. We need a feature to help users to communicate with their referrals and teach them how to make money on Paidverts. 

I would be happy if we could have some "free give away" ebook that tells how to advertise effectively on Paidverts to get good results. For example kind of training platform that tells how to advertise on Traffic Exchanges. Those same things work on PTC sites as well.

For my personal purposes, I am not interested in to make a profit on Paidverts from revenue share, I just need free, targeted traffic. In my opinion, we should brand Paidverts as traffic generation tool for other online businesses, not as a business opportunity. We could collaborate with sites like,, etc. By advertising this kind of sites on Paidverts, we can get referrals to those sites and profit, and we can use that profit to promote Paidverts on those sites and get basically "free" referrals. To get new user active, we should have some kind of training section, training webinars etc. about how to advertise "right" on Paidverts. We should have ready made splash pages and rewritten email marketing campaign letters for users to use to get active referrals.

Here is my idea how to keep new users active. What do you think about this idea?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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09/06/2018 14:34
Many of those things you suggested we have already tried. We do use sites like adhitz here. You can communicate with you referrals because you have their email address
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