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Compensating FTQ with Paidverts advertising

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07/08/2018 14:14
I will just copy-paste my idea from one of the topics I've just commented.

Thought it would be a good idea to open a new topic and brainstorm it whether this is a good idea and how achievable it is.

Please mentioned the Pros and Cons of such feature.


Occasionally some of us do have the need to market our products, services and similar..

I was thinking if MTV can offer us an option to compensate our FTQ with giving us additional percentage for using those money on Paidverts for advertising only...

Basically we are willing to give-away our expecting FTQs - for some instant PV money (only for buying ads, no games, no withdraw or similar).

I know that I will take it if I'm offered a good extra percentage, rather than waiting for unknown amount of time...

The percentage can be negotiated and it can be made a formula on calculating the estimated extra amount that a user should receive, depending on FTQ value, Round in which is invested and similar conditions...


Say I have 100$ expecting FTQ. If I am offered 130$ in PV advertising cash/voucher/coupon (implement it the way you find it fit) - I'll probably go for the advertising.

-You got a friend needs advertising his/her business? - Offer him some Cheap Traffic or Targeted Ads and explain him the benefit of it. He'll pay you your 100$, you'll get him traffic for 130$ (or any added percentage), and MTV gets to close another FTQ plus potential new advertiser.

All parties we'll be happy smile

I believe this is a great idea and it won't take much programming time (since we already got coupons/vouchers implemented??)

We'll just have to figure out a way of not creating additional debt on PV with this...
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08/08/2018 11:46
"We'll just have to figure out a way of not creating additional debt on PV with this..."

Most people from FTQ are investors that want money back right? So let's put it this way:

You have an investment that your waiting for a year or two doesnt matter, and we offer you that same investment but it has to be spent on ADS.
All fine right? No, cause most of them will want to buy Bulk Ads (to get BAP and their investment back over time) and not our other type of Ads that don't add Debt so our Debt will increase on PV.

I don't believe there's anyone that would trade an investment for Ads and not receive part of it in cash. 

Your idea is good but we need to find those people that would acept this.
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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08/08/2018 12:00
I most certainly would be one, once I set my online store in motion and need some advertising.
I believe PV would be great for my needs.

The goal on this potential functionality is not to get your money back in any way.
The goal is to reimburse you in another way, namely advertising/marketing, with an extra percent as an incentive.
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09/08/2018 06:22
I agree. I doubt that we have a chance to get our money back at the normal way. I also would appreciate a swap. Something should happen. I am sick and tired of waiting.
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09/08/2018 20:45
i guess why not, what do we have to lose , only gain for MTV i guess

I believe we still have a lot of overdelivering on ads too
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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25/08/2018 20:12
Soooo.. any thoughts on the idea from the almighties?
ping @slosumo, @marc

I'm really eager to give this idea a boost and be the first to use the 'benefit' smile
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25/08/2018 22:55
Convert FTQ Fund to BAP, through new funding chance,

Like, if someone invested 100 $ in FTQ.

Now, he purchasing 3 $ BAP in Paidverts with payment gateway(fresh income), then, he have chance to releasing 1 Dollar from ftq for purchasing Advertisement pack, including Bulk Ads.

if used 300$ then he will have chance to release 100$

its like 33% Extra BAP bonus... So its not affect our system.
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26/08/2018 12:14
How does 33% bonus BAP not affect our system? Or the same with previous suggestion?

You guys want to start transferring stuff from a system that's been dead for years into a system that's barely managing.

It's not a hard math to do then, that the only way for it to go is down.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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26/08/2018 13:02
We provide season bonus, But now, we provide chance for his old investment to release as BAP, not real bonus.

If we not affect from Bonus BAP, then how we affect from releasing his own Money by BAP/AdPack?

System will be manage this releasing FTQ from New Funding.. Because, FTQ to BAP and BAP will be converted as dollar from Daily Ads which one calculated from Daily Revenue.

So, its just a one type of chance to converting FTQ to BAP through Direct Payment Gateway Bulk ad purchase with only 33% from Purchase amount.
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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30/08/2018 23:45
No BAP guys, no additional debt, don't be greedy wink

Say I invested 100$ in the FTQ. Need to get 130$ after it 'matures'.
They offer me 160-180$ only for Paidverts advertising, namely Ad types that do not generate new BAP or can't be withdraw! (Cheap Traffic, Target Ads etc).

I'll gladly take it !!!
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31/08/2018 00:19
Think you're on to something here @caciPakovska
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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18/09/2018 12:02
Following up on Caki's ticket - as Marc mentioned in one of the news topics, we will be working on this, but (as most things here :shutsmile it's not 100% straightforward to get this going either.

I believe our programmer will get to sorting this out in the following week, when it's sorted we'll let you know in the news.

But in short:
We were first debating if this is even worth doing - as in the end this will likely realistically result only in a few hundred/thousands FTQ cleared. Which joined via added customer satisfaction is worth it, BUT we first had to confirm there is a quick/cheap enough way of sorting this out quickly, without investing tons of hours into preparation & handling of this. Long story short, we don't think there is enough value there "instantly", but over a course of a few months it should be worth investing into making this work.

Also, we need to ensure that if any such coupons are given out, that they're deducting from results and ad issue pool contributions. Which will requires some changes to ensure they are properly accounted for and not cause illiquidity.

Similarly we'd have to do something with "finishing FTQ payments", but to avoid using dev time, we'll handle that simply by paying fast track normally and making an admin deduction of the balance.
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18/09/2018 19:44
Can you do it manually?
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