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15/03/2018 15:04
Hey guys & gals.

As PV BAP count seems only stable-ish or going a tiny by tiny bit up, I've come up with (yet) another idea that could help (greatly) to start reducing BAP once and for all. It could be considered "radical", but it's more in line with current PV idea than some others (surfing, buying ads with BAP, etc. ...).
I'm sorry if anyone ever mentioned this before, but I really don't recall that someone had.

To keep it short after a long introduction, I was thinking we could try turning all generated refcom on PV into another set of paid ads. Every user would have an internal counter on how much refcom was generated by his referrals and when the minimum required amount would be reached (1 BAP equivalent, or user specified maybe like ad filter?) an ad would be issued to him the next day, consuming the proportional amount of generated refcom and giving the user $ minus the usual 5% refcom.

This way refcom wouldn't be free anymore, but IMO still well worth to the referrers as it would act in a way similar to mini/MEGA upgrades, boosting the circulation by a gazillion.

Of course, it's quite possible some grumbling would occur amidst the referrers holding no BAP (how many are there though?), but the whole approach would incentivise users to more activity, BAP holding, ad purchasing and overall more circulation of everything.

To sum it up quick:

+ no extra money needed from PV
+ greatly increased debt reduction on first level by issuing refcom ads
+ increased cascading debt reduction on all levels forward (refcom from refcom)
+ incentive on activity and BAP holding for ALL
++ increased activity on all ad-related areas (more ad views - refcom ads, more ad buying)
++ anticipated dropping of overal BAP debt creating higher normal ad issues

- no more "free" refcom
- somewhat lower/slower returns on money spent on PV (someone in the mood to do some math for this...?)
- activity & BAP holding required for professional referrers (those who hold no BAP) - causing some disapproval

People, please take some time to read this (actually, at this point I should thank you for reading it), leave your thoughs below (or up/down vote) and add any additional ideas to this, if you have any wink
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15/03/2018 16:44
I already don't like that the Ref Ad Issue is a thing...I just want the uplines to get the CASH in their accounts. Contray to my Feb buy, I'm not advocating at all for myself. Uplines can and should be allowed to be a different set than Clickers. Brainy and Harriette rarely (ever these days?), have BAP in their accounts, but they bring in lots of refs and lots of money via those refs. I don't want to make this a place not for those type of upliners.

This would also reduce ref %'s in reality b/c we need to consume BAP to get this refcomm, right? Thus, at ~ current rates about 50% reduction.

This would also mean less money per Group Ad Issue for those of us currently, as anyone with residual ref comm type income who decides to become active (not for a nickel, but a dollar or 5) daily, will have to go from 0 to probably the 12K BAP Group (or more if they say, well I'm here might as well do/earn more)...unless they block ads, and thus ref commission needs to be added up to $1 b4 being sent per ref per upline, and thus they never get group ads and just have to check daily when they are sent (hopefully the same time of day...or maybe even week.) and thus they can have enough BAP and high enough filter (provided they bought one, $10 now seems ridic expensive) to block all group ads.

I think the biggest BAP reduced is the 100 Daily BAP TAX...advertisers are not the same all the time as upline either...thus they will get taxed. Though, maybe they will claim (and haven't now) the AA and whatever reward they get, and create more BAP debt.

Don't forget the programming hours that goes into it as well...not just priority over other more potential things, but spending time on it needs to be sure that this will be able to pay for itself...even if it takes years.

Weighing all of what I said, I give this a BIG NO.

I didn't dislike your post until I finished up my response trying to give it it's due.

That said, I'm all for bringing up ideas. If you come up with enough, maybe one or a few will actually be worthwhile.
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16/03/2018 00:22
@Vixthra  The 2 issues I see with the idea are programming time and the impact on those who just refer.  I do like the fact that you're clearly putting a lot of thought into improving the product.

I think someone mentioned this previously, but I still like the idea of being able to recycle ads to your active referrals.

Obviously the ad values are different depending on the BAP we hold, but as things stand, we all get 2 "good' ads and 20 (I think it's 20) low value ones.  If you had a button that said "Recycle To..." and then a drop-down list that allowed you to select from your own active referrals, you'd get the following benefits:

1. The BAP value of the ad would be consumed twice (or I suppose possibly even more if your referral recycled it) helping the total BAP debt. 
2. You'd be helping your referral receive better value ads.
3. You'd make them more sticky to keep coming back to Paidverts.
4. You'd increase the long-term referral income for the referee.
5. No additional cost to the business.
6. Decreasing BAP debt meaning higher value ad issues.

The only downside I see from this is the programming time, which obviously does have a cost.  I can't see how this would cause multi-accounting issues, but maybe someone (@druth wink ) could set me straight on this.

As I say, I'm sure someone mentioned a similar idea a while back, but I forget who.  
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17/03/2018 14:17
I would like to know what happens with the balance of my referrals that are inactive since 2015 although they are thousands of cents there is no possibility of collecting all that and send in a notice to each sponsor.
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17/03/2018 16:49

Remeber all balances were turned into RP's at one point.

But since then, yes, Admin have to be ready to have that money w/n 2 weeks if ppl suddenly ask for cashouts with it. Otherwise, it just gives them a bit of flexibility as they could use it to pay a bill/ not sell BTC too low, and then just pay that back "on paper" when the funds come in to pay that bill/btccan be sold higher.
Traffic Value: $564.96146 Venezuela
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17/03/2018 17:00
But when reviewing my list of referrals it reflects in cash your balance sheets there is even one with US $ 6. 
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17/03/2018 21:04
I see there is some confusion...maybe both of us.

That money is how much they earned for you since they joined.

And, that money goes to your balance for you to use already.

It becomes part of your avl balance just like Paid Ads and Cash Offers are.

It was subject to the RP change, but your refferals had their own balances that were subject iesp if they were inactive and just let it occur. Earnings since then, that they earn for you appear with the rest and earnings they make just stay there (though subject to tax, so could run out in days/months/years/decades depending on how much they left).
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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17/03/2018 22:32
BTW, since those emails are not blacked out and you don't have their permission, I would like a mod to remove that link when they see this.

Don't want them to get is very low worry b/c bots can't (as far as I know) gather those emails, but anyone who see that could manullyspam/pester them.
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19/03/2018 13:23
About BAP problem and such issue,

Since 2015 I created platform idea without BAP's, debt, or any kind of problems new platforms have. It would be unique platform, and best ever. I funded/found team for such project through MTV, they let me, and Carlos was interested, but legal stuff with lawyers was just too much at that point to me.

In 2016 programmers prooved to me that such project worked perfectly and idea indeed was workable and possible to create, and worked on private server despite was never reachable or launched. Such platform is not online or will be any time soon since it was created by me personally and never launched or sold. I needed to work 2 full months and over 1 year to cover all possible flaws or exploits because such system is bulletproof even against bitcoin fluctuations or pp transmitions and abuses.

In 2017 after project went down (too expensive for people who worked on that, mostly because of programmer delays and insane excuses, and their lets be honest suspicious work). 

I tried to co-work with MTV. Why? Without MTV project would not see daylight maybe for years or ever more. Never was launch, but it was tested, and site worked impressive.

My offer to MTV is still on table, its not on sale, but for MTV's honesty I am always ready to co-operate. I didnt do that because of money, I just want to stop all scams online.

As I said if MTV is interested I have all done, all they need is programmers. But remmember no computers gambling against players, no baps and debpt's, not even clicking as insane, not even money in ads, all is improved on the way you cant imagine. People would love it. Presentations, tutorials, materials, all is done. By me.

I suggest that they build new site, God knows I will help them, and yes it will pay off. A lot.
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19/03/2018 14:34
Sounds interesting

Did you send a support ticket with attention Marc and business idea on it?
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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19/03/2018 18:25
Honestly I did contacted support, and Marc, I received response, but not more than that. Dont know why. Could be because of my past, you know I was rouge, didnt like in house argues, it was too much for me, I supported good things but not on the way to take other ideas for free as MTV later did. Lets be honest, some of those ideas were from Jo too. We all know I could say about Jo something (lost my money), but lost it before online and returned, so never blinked. In short past is past future is future. And I never owned any project online before, just to be clear. So my reputation is intact.

Why MTV does not try to have meeting at least, do not know. On this idea is spent almost 8k usd dollars, there are examples of design, features, all explained. Besides design and features are made on easy and unique way. If there would be games, they could be done on way better way than gambling ones. In short on project that gives revenues based on daily results, and has money to pay EVERY cashout. Complex math behind, but explained in details.

With all that done, with MTV's programmers and all experience they had, this projects would be done in few month tops.

I dont care if I would be part of stuff or just have simbolic role there with some benefits, but i can say to you this: Every single area there is 100 % profitable, non gamble, and gives chance to users. Games? Low cost games that people would be able to play based on results, but rewarding way would be unique online, and i present math + solution noone saw before + every single game on this world could be converted on that way.

Admin account + stuff accounts would not be able to purchase anything (except one thing) because stuff has already default revenues/ownership that can be easily setup by admin. In short so complex, but so insane and legally perfect you cant even imagine.

In AP core i sketched even to calculate pure profit of the system so that after hosting costs , system can easy report tax to country (pure profit). Its first open source + totally legal advertising system online (admin would just copy 4 rows in the ap and post on form as daily results, and voila, thats it). There is so much more..... Lets just say if they dont want to make on their own, and they make funding, I would put nice money into it. 

Sorry for offtopic, but yes, its not boohoo thing, I am serious. Why i do not do it on my own? Dont know honest admins + in Croatia they would charge me insane ammount of money. MTV has infrastructure + registered company, I would rather have profit from percentage, or at least see is life online, thaan that does not live at all.

After all, they can launch syster site, problem is..... Are they ready to shake things so much in world of marketing.

Anyway if they want tips and help I am ready to help. Is it possible to convert PV to that? No. Except if they pay all BAP value to users as cash, if they have money to pay all that money to people, then no fear needed. In such case PV can be converted to this in matter of weeks.

But I do suggest sister site, core coding is pain in the butt, and they dont need such problem. I guarantee math + design + all they will see in there is not from other site/project. My materials are protected, nothing similar exists on internet.

As I said past is past. I like MTV/PV, but we all would love this baby sister even more, or at least they can hear me out, present you, and you people vote, its 182 pages of insane detailed infos, all ready for programmers. Sorry if I went into offtopic. MTV/PV gave me chance to create something new, now I want to return them on the same way, want to co-operate with them/you and introduce that baby sister to the world.

If no daily results, cashouts would still be done, system cant be crushed. Only what would be needed are hosting and domain costs, and lets be honest, even without big results basic costs would be under 100 $, and yes not much money right. But there is no way to have no results in this system, you can bet on that. Problem is, do someone want to create something 10 times better than current systems online?

Good question, right?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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19/03/2018 18:35
I understand what you mean regarding building and running a company. It is one thing to have an idea, it is a different type of work to build and run it. Some people don't have the technical skill. That has kept me back from running an online business myself for a long time
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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19/03/2018 18:44
Legal stuff you can do with good co-owner, what crashed this idea which was on 97 % were programmers who obviously did not want to create this and fix last few easy glitches (which worked fine before btw.)? Most of them are custom coders and if they create something like that, that would make problems to 97 % of their costumers. I guess noone wants one super big project that would drag costumers from their other projects by other admins. Makes sense. I dont blame them, for that I do blame myself + co-owners probably knew we did mistake. Some neutral freelance programmers rock, but they rarelly will switch off other projects, and if communication goes in red zone you have problem again,.....

Since MTV has programmers + infrastructure they would save me of hussle + i dont care I dont receive thousands monthly as admin, better dollars from my own investment as benefited user who knows its his baby, and see this baby live how changes things, than not to see it at all.

Just my 5 cents.
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19/03/2018 21:52
Just an FYI, MTV's Programmers work fulltime elsewhere these days and only work for us when they have time (or if desp aka site down ASAP)...and they have a few months of backlog to do while Marc is traveling the world this year.  

Since Marc et all haven't given you a firm NO Thank You, I'd like him to at least do that, but hopefully look further into it....he can read those pages on a train/plan ride.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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20/03/2018 13:03
I respect all people, and honestly I dont care what Mark or Carlos would say about functionality, because I know my job, I created background for site, system areas, MATH for site is mine, and I am probably first in the world who found solution to remove all: BAPS, investments, clicking ads with value + debp IN ONE. What I do care is that they both know this: They gave me chance to find team, I found solutions for my idea and dream, and that idea was realized, and worked, but sadly never saw daylight, and I thank them for that. Without MTV/PV nad Marc + Carlos I would probably never finalize this even from sketch to pure product. Now I know at least that it was posible to create it and I have proofs, more than that I have all materials needed for programmers. So now I am here. Some said I did that to smash MTV/PV, not truth, ask any of people why I did it?

1. I have enough of systems that leach money and just dissapear, I had in mind something what would give you something back if you advertise + rewards if you bring people. BUT difference is that their money does not go to you, so you dont leach other people, system rewards YOU.

2. Advertisers were afraid of bots, thatz people would not watch their ads, here is all about them + people, multiple protections integrated against bots, one is my own way how to stop them.

3. People have enough to be slaves so that they loose money if one day they dont come in system. Here YOU DONT loose money even if you dont come 20 days, only difference is that you dont earn if youre not active, except in one passive area (cant say more).

4. Debts, BAPS - out of picture, return of investments, there is no investments and no return, people receive money based on daily results aka no fixed time + lot more other products and ideas that go in daily results, not only those. OH and no multiplications of dividens, or such crap. IF you guys want even that, I have improved marketplace NOT related to other products so no debt either. What can that marketplace be? For each product separated, or one extra revenue based for what I would not go in details.

5. Solved and written math behind that project on my own.

6. Solved and written roles for payment processors, so that is acceptable by ANY payment processor, even PAYPAL. Problem with Paypal is that I dont trust them (you heard me right I dont trust THEM).

7. Solved problem of gaming addictions + gambling against computer + found way how to improve every single area and monetize it on unique way, even as your monitor on MTV, but slightly more unique.

TOS, FAQ, INTRO, all is done, even design preview, Admin panel functions into most addictive and cmplex details you can imagine.

So why I did that hussle? 

Dear boys, girls, ladies and gentleman, ask Carlos and Mark, did they that cause of money, or cause they want to change something. Bro, I want to change something. I did all what you see in MTV/PV, other sites in just about 2 years, all that money, hundreds and thousands of dollars value online. Did that project put me in behind. Well I worked over 1.5 years just for that, no earnings online, hard work FOR FREE, for those guys. And still project has not see daylight. They invested money, worked few weeks of total time, but i worked 12 hours daily in average on that project with programmers to make one simple site which is under body such insane beast you would not believe.

I had in mind to create:

a) simple site that even grandpas (no disrespect) can use and understand

b) fully sustainable site

c) no forced investment site

d) no loss to people if innactive

e) protection for both users + advertisers

f) secured cashouts even when site has low results (here comes the math)

his is kickass project, and I know that. In Croatia I would spend cca 25k to register company, open bank account and pay programmers who work for many knows companies as their site developers. Problem is, do I want to pay 25k? I am not sure this is realistic price, yes its big project, but dude 25k to even 150k? Please.

So yes bro I had idea, but to find a way how to remove BAPs, or how to level up people by results, BUT NOT to be PTC or Traffic exchange (its not either of that) was pain in the butt. Later was pain how to create math, to make cashouts, to avoid stupid fixed returns that create debp, rather create system only based on results, then how to setup that. After that when all was solved I needed to write a sustainable math, for every area, etc etc. So yes, I sacrificed 1.5 years of my life and I am not sorry, from one unknown guy I became unknown guy who had results, then tried and failed, BUT HAS platform ready to go, and still some revenue to dream big.

To shorten things up: If they dont have money and ask me, how can we crowd fund  this, and then setup this beast on so many revenue parts? I WOULD SAY: Easy, pure profit of company (50 % would go to new pool who would be split in user accounts of investors), who can be regular users of site, or coworkers.

So yes I will find solution, I did all that, trust me I need 5 mins to crack any problem you might do it. I found answer for every issue programmers said cant be done, I found the way. So trust me I am not genious, but I spent 2 years and I know every single bit of that project.

Why I do care about people? I was honest marketer (never involved people in risky sites, never told anyone join, I helped to those who were not my referrals), I still click cents on PV despite I have money + job. I just dont care about money much, but I do care about people and I do not want them to be slaves. This system can give chance all by results, but also based on luck + effort you do. No small or big people. So yes I care, and I have enough of scam sites or gambling ones.

If they cant fund it, but must crowd fund it, I have only one proposal, dont put gambling into it, dont put anything ponzy into it, LEAVE it as it is, and I will be first who would invest into it. I just want to see it live, and I am known as guy who does not like scam sites.

What will be, you guys decide. MTV gave me chance, now I put chance back to where it was, and now is not idea anymore, now is product for which I know its possible to create. And those guys who did MTV+PV they can do this too.

I dont brag, I just want to change the world. I did Idea, but you people are welcome to judge about it. I am just sure it will change what people think about internet marketing on better, because this would be first sustainable, non ponzy project based on results + fully sustainable and would be able to insta pay every user and cashout. INSTANT. Done talking now. If they interested I am in, even as investor.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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20/03/2018 13:09
I appologize for reading I will stop it here now, but dear people you have no clue how much work is needed to transform something from hear to PAPER. I am first guy who created site + design + layout + math + all functions of the site ON HIS OWN - to paper, from head. I had no other platform preview, and to put all that in proper order is so massive work that you can not imagine. I just involved all I knew, put in all my experience, and trash out all ponzy, involved in all creative to help people, BUT to be fair to EVERY single user.

So if I needed 1 month to build idea, 2 to put that on paper, + 1 to improve all ideas and functions to the perfection, tell me, do you really thing I write 2 much?

300 + e-mails
300+ improvements into virtual interface
Endless conversation on G+, Report program + Facebook
Just 182 pages of my protected material (with included pictures, math, finished tos, faq and intro)

And here just 4 pages A4 cca to show you why is so special. So are you really sure you would be able to put it in shorter. Think again bro. Thank you for all time and I appologize.
Traffic Value: $182.0639 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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08/07/2018 03:48
Hi I think that verified users should be able to change own wallet addresses anytime.Now I changed my wallet,I stopped to use old wallet account because new is better.That option can be good because then people will write less tickets to support and for them will be much easier.
gugakip - Forum moderator
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08/07/2018 14:10
We have this measure in place to make it harder for hackers to steal funds, not to annoy our users. So I don't think we should do that tbh, doesn't take support that long either.
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