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Ad Lottery Game (Suggestion)

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14/11/2017 08:54
Here's my idea for an advertising lottery game, which can fit inside PaidVerts just like Click Grid.

Advertisers will buy ad packs for $1. Every adpack includes 100 hits to their website and 1 lottery ticket.

Surfers will view the websites and earn points. They can redeem their points for lottery tickets. Maybe 100 points = 1 lottery ticket.

We can include geo-, interest- and demographic-targeting for an additional fee.

There will also be bonuses during surfing like free ad credits or even a free lottery ticket to make surfing exciting.

Then 10 winners will be drawn weekly from all tickets created for that week.

This can increase our Alexa Ranking, provide a new advertising venue with fast traffic delivery, and create a new way of earning money.

The proceeds from ad packs will be used as pot money after deducting MTV profit.

What do you think?
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18/11/2017 14:54

I really like this, actual realistic idea
and looking at the likes, I'm not alone =D

But some improvements thoughts:

There shouldn't be one price pool, but two ones:
the green one and the golden one.
The prices from the green pool are paid weekly in form of BAP and
the golden pool prices are paid monthly in Cash.
It should be extremly easy to get green tickets, they should be given out (almost) for free,
as against this, golden tickets should be a lot more difficult to get.

How to get one green ticket:
- surf 10 AdLottery websites
- (some of the CFE BAP prices could be exchanged through green tickets)
- changeable promotions
- wager 1'000 BAP at the games section
- earn 0.50$ through offerwalls

How to get one golden ticket:
- buy an AdLottery Adpack
- surf 100 AdLottery websites (limited to ten golden tickets)
Only after 100 - 500 you will get a golden ticket for sure,
after you surfed 600 websites there is only chance of 75% to get a golden ticket (else you will get an additional green ticket), at 700, 800 and 900 there is only a 50% chance to get a golden ticket and after 1'000 the chance is only 25%.
- turn 100 green tickets into one golden ticket (max. 5/week)
- earn 10$ through offerwalls
- wager 20'000 BAP at the games section

To unlock the AdLottery surfing feature, there should be a regular BAP fee, which has to be paid e.g. once a week (should be definitively based on a timeframe). Half of the fee should be added to the green price pool and the other half should be just removed to help the BAP reduction.
For example: To be able to surf websites for the AdLottery you have to pay 10BAP, from this 5BAP are added to the green price pot. Now you can collect price tickets until the next draw,
then you have to pay again the 10BAP fee. Additional for paying the fee you get one green ticket.

payment structures:
AdLottery AdPacks
10% Refcom
10% MTV profit
35% green pool
45% golden pool
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