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Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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30/11/2017 05:10
Just throwing this out there, while I don't know how active the AG is, I wonder if a rework of the prizes might generate enough interest to justify the programing time involved.

Take some 10 BAP's and turn them into 10 free chances (giving 30, with the final 10 free).

Take some 10 BAP's and turn them into 5 free chances and 5 free BAP.

Take some 10 BAP's and combine them to 20 BAP aka a free day (no additional chances).

Also, if you insist on keeping the jackpot prizes, so high, we need to do a better job of knowing/promoting they are rewarded. Other sites have big and small last prizes won, a section for the jackpots would be nice...even if it is weeks/months since the last.

Personally, I think the jackpots would still be jackpots cut in half, and then we could give out many more small but fun size prizes. $50/500K still seem like a nice jackpot for 7,300 BAP per year (of which we break about even via small prizes). However, seeing nickels, quarters, $0.50 as well would be really nice. Same with BAP, getting 500/1K/2.5K/5K would be nice amounts for most groups as they'd cover most/all of the ad issue for a day/week.

While looking for a chart of prizes, I found the suggestion of being able to promote the page as a good one, and we can make sure we have banners on that page as well. This would generate more interest in the "strawberries" (atm, not an issue, but still).

Also, I don't think anything is stopping you from allowing more chances, but at higher cost, aka 2 BAP each 21-30, 3 BAP for 31-40 etc all the way to 9 each for 91-100...or even more just need a way to get a new interface. If gambler's want to go for the bigger prizes, but not "breaking even" unless they do win, I say go for it. Maybe the advertisers (since there is a limit on how many ads) don't want that many repeat viewers that day?

OFC, these are more guidelines/ideas and can be improved/rejected. And, I would welcome others as well.

AND, you could "relaunch" the AG with new APS Goals (maybe even BAP daily reward) for it as well.
Traffic Value: $730.92288 Pakistan
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30/11/2017 07:11
I think its better if no bap is deducted.
In Addition to BAP & cash prizes users  will be awarded  APS (Achievement points) after certain limit like 1APs after 50 views
There should me no limit to  view daily ads in AdG or limits should be higher.
Traffic Value: $730.92288 Pakistan
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30/11/2017 13:50
I shared this idea back in 2016 Some users also like this idea

Improving AdGrid:
Currently Adgrid deduces 1 BAP for every click and member is not sure if he wins or not, being a member i am not loosing my BAP at Adgrid. My idea is If you could implement 

Step 0 /Default
For every 2 Bap user earn 0.0005$ x 100 Clicks -----------> (Reduces 100 BAP )
Step 1
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 300 BAP earning 0.0005$ each click -----------> (Reduces 200 BAP )
Step 2
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 400 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 200 BAP )
Step 3
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 500 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 300 BAP )
Step 4
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 600 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 400 BAP )
Step 5
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 700 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 500 BAP )
After completing these Five steps
Step 6
To Qualify for Tournament 
Unlock a spot 1000 BAP ------> (Reduces 1000 BAP)

User can click as many ads on the grid as he wants at this stage, and no BAP is deduced,
Top 25 users with clicks receive some sort of reward /cash /BAP on every Monday.
Benefit for advertisers unlimited clicks every Saturday and Sunday

You can improve the idea depending on the financial issues.

Hope you like the idea.Looking forward for your and PV's team review
Traffic Value: $9,308.60765 Germany
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30/11/2017 18:25
I have to agree with you, especially with the part about the jackpots.
If I win something, most times it is just the 10 BAP I spend for the clicks
and the "Recent Big Winners" Section shows most times only 0.01$ wins,
slowly this gets disappointing....

I would also like if the jackpot cut into 50$ or even 25$ (also thought about 10$ but this would be too little...)
but in exchange, there would be more small 0.10$, 0.25$ and 0.50$ prizes.
and ofc an AdGrid APS goals would be awesome grin

Could you explain this idea more, because I'm unsure if I understand what you wrote completely?
But at the moment it just looks like you want to turn the AdGrid into normal ptc-ads with some weird twists?

I don't like this, because the chance to win big is one of the main appeals of the AdGrid.

Additionally to anyone, who wants free AdGrid chances:
You spend on the AdGrid max. 10 BAP/day, which is only a small part of the BAP you get daily for free
and in the end, it helps the BAP reduction. I think this is one of the most non-annoying parts for BAP reduction and shouldn't even be considered to be removed.

Last but not least something I would like to have added:
Would be nice if there was an option to show either the list of the recent big winner or your last winnings.
Because I always close the add to fast to see and then have to check the balance histories to see what I won.
Traffic Value: $30.64815 Switzerland
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30/11/2017 18:44
That's really a nice idea ! There really is no real reason to limit it 20 clicks/day... Just change the AG ad and increase the BAP cost like Druth said... As a result, more traffic will be generated = More advertisers are going to invest = Rewards get bigger = More people click etc...
It is actually quite surprising that they haven't thought of rewarding APS yet... Fully agree with that idea as well.
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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30/11/2017 18:58
There is a reason: bots. I've no idea if we have bots on our sites, but it's certainly possible (we had some in the past). If so, giving unlimited chances, is just giving money to bots in the end.
Traffic Value: $294.25745 Portugal
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30/11/2017 19:14
I vote druth8x for PRESIDENTexcaimexcaimexcaim cool smirk 
Traffic Value: $30.64815 Switzerland
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30/11/2017 19:24
No Gugapics, because the odds are in favour of paidverts... If you increase the amount of BAP needed after every 20 clicks, more BAP debt is cleaned than given away. It's like an autobet bot in a lot of casinos, the house always wins in the long term.
Furthermore, a bot is easily detectable. Someone who clicks 10000 times a day is indeed very suspicious. wink
Traffic Value: $773.5176 Portugal
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30/11/2017 20:18

That's why we have captchas, right?
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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30/11/2017 21:33
Sadly, some bots are able to solve captcha's. Not all of them, though. But again, I'm not sure whether we've problems with bots right now. I only know we did in the past.
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